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Reason 1: You Need A Creative Outlet!

N ot long ago, Google announced its 20 percent creative time policy, which encourages employees to work on any innovative ideas they have that are company-related during 20 percent of their hours at work. (Taken from – http://www.inc.com/guides/2010/08/10-things-employees-want.html)

We are not saying that we agree 100% with Google’s 20% creative time policy – it might be a bit extreme…

What is clear is from their operations is the fact that they recognise that employees work smarter when they are encouraged to be creative! How does this apply to your life?

It is impossible to make a general assumption, as one never knows who is reading this, but what is clear is the fact that we all need a creative outlet. Without creativity, expression and development of the right brain, we become corporate clones marching to the same rhythm and doing the same thing day in and day out…

No, nothing is wrong with structure and systems, in fact they exist in music too, but what is often lacking in individual professionals lives is the ability to switch off from work related pressures and do something completely different such as playing the piano!

Did you know, by taking up the piano you will actually become a better you! You will feel more alive and feel as if you accomplished more in your life! We guarantee you that you will never regret it once you start! It’ll give you a new lease on life! (and make you feel younger too!)

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Reason 2: You Will Become A Much Happier, Interesting – Brilliant YOU!

M usic just makes life more interesting! – in fact it makes you more interesting!

The moment you play a musical instrument, you become a more popular and interesting person. People tend to respect individuals who can play a musical instrument above those who can’t.

Whenever there’s a social gathering, you will become the star of the limelight! Friends and family will call upon you to perform tune after tune whilst shouting your name and making you feel like a star!

Playing the most intimate music on the piano in a stunning setting (such as a beautiful apartment overlooking a lake or on top of a picturesque snowcapped mountain in a cosy chalet) with your closest loved ones by your side is one of the most pleasurable activities you can take part in! You are in control of the mood – you set the tone of the evening – you’ve got the power of music in your hands!

You will raise your self-esteem and increase your popularity! If you don’t care about being popular in front of others, at least you can be popular in front of yourself, knowing that you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve!

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Reason 3: You will learn the MOST magnificent piano compositions (such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata) in ONLY a short period of time!

W e are not afraid to say that we get results!

Our students can testify it for themselves! (Look at our student reviews)

By studying the piano with us you will learn the most magnificent piano compositions in only a short period of time. How can we assure this? Well, we simply don’t beat around the bush. We go straight to the point and teach you the correct techniques and methods from day one! (this is assuming you practice on a regular basis)

Many of our students are now playing reasonably advanced pieces after only six months of piano lessons such as “Fur Elise”, “the Moonlight Sonata”, “Eleanor Rigby” and other piano compositions.

Those who have set out to complete grades (non-compulsory) have received their marks with distinction!

Without achieving results for you, our service would be of no value! There are many instructors to teach primarily to receive an income, without really caring about the progress of their students. We never do that – every lesson is a serious time of study and we take all our students extremely seriously!

Yes, 95% of our students play for the pleasure. Whilst playing for the pleasure is a honourable endeavour, one doesn’t need to play badly for the pleasure. It is for this very reason that we set out to help you become the best pianist you can be. (Even if you play for the pleasure)

We do always bear in mind your goals and time available to practise. We never push you too far beyond your capabilities – and we are very sensitive to your personal goals!

If you really want to play, then you have found the best place in London for you to learn!

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Reason 4: You will finally take action & make your piano dreams a reality!

T here are so many people who give up on the dreams…

It’s perhaps the saddest thing in life to have a dream and a passion for something special and actually never setting out to achieve it.

If you’ve always wanted to play the piano, which we presume you do (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), make contact today to book your first appointment. Don’t let another day go by without booking your piano appointment. The first step towards climbing a mountain is actually taking the first step…

We know you might be afraid, perhaps afraid of the unknown, but you do not need to fear – we are very patient and kind and will do our utmost to make you feel right at home!

We are really specialists when it comes to teaching the piano and we know exactly what to teach you in order to help you reach your next goal!

Make your dream come true by getting in touch with us today. Don’t wait another hour longer, e-mail us at enquiries@pianocourses.co.uk to set up your first appointment

The first appointment is the biggest step towards your stars!

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Reduce Stress through playing the piano

Reason 5: You will increase your IQ (scientifically proven) & reduce stress

A comprehensive study by E. Glenn Schellenberg reveals that playing music increases IQ. You can read the entire document for yourself music lessons increases IQ

Yes, playing the piano will actually make you smarter as it will increase your IQ and help you make better decisions faster!

Famous individuals who played the piano include: Former President Truman, President Nixon, Albert Einstein.

Other famous individuals who currently play the piano and includes: Prince Charles, Clint Eastwood, Anthony Hopkins, Condeleeza Rice. In fact Condeleeza Rice gives piano recitals regularly.

Warren Buffett plays the Ukulele. Rockerfeller’s entire family played music.

There is definite pattern here.


Yes! – the world’s smartest people all play music! In fact it keeps them at the top of their game!

So start playing piano right away! Don’t spend another day thinking about it – It’s time for you to increase your popularity, become smarter and a better you. We are located only 5 min from Liverpool Street station! (Arguably the most convenient location in London)

You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of piano to gain! Change your life and make it extraordinary today!

You’ve got the talent and you can do it – we will prove it to you!

Make contact with us today and book your first appointment! – hurry as slots are limited!

» START NOW – and make your piano dreams a reality!
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